One of the ancient tools is Meditation and it has been practiced for millennia in all parts of the world. People have different ideas about Meditation, what it is and what it can do for them.

In a fast paced world of moneymaking and survival, it is important to find an outlet for your need to relax and calm. Meditation starts with simple calming breathing exercises and later might get more sophisticated and within the next step, the breath and the mind are linked together in one way or the other.

In its original meaning and purpose, Meditation is a tool to silence the noise within the brain and to connect to the Higher Self through the portal in the pineal.

Nic's experience over many years with different, ancient Meditation techniques - some of them still regarded as secrets and only taught to initiates - gave him the insight to create a series of different Meditation modules for the individual needs and likes. All of the simple routines are extremely powerful and effective.

He also has the ability to enhance the Meditation of a client through his energy field.

Sessions online via Skype are available.


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