This is Nic Kolbe's teaching, as published in The New Wisdom. It is about the healer and the energies of the New Age, how it deepens our understanding of the Creative Source and our relationship to it.

In the process of this advanced course for Healers, you will gain a quantum leap in your energy field and will recognise your full creative power. You will have a strong permanent intuitive connection to your Higher Self and as a result have permanent heat emanating from your hands and body.

A major part of the teaching is the new Hi-Pulse technique, enhancing the energetic power of your hands by multiples and reducing the time needed to heal a patient.

This course can be done online in hourly sessions at your convenience.

Healer Course
Since your healer-workshop I personally feel a tremendous increase in energy and warmth in my hands and around my head while giving Reiki to my patients. I use the deep breathing you taught us and say glory to god ever so often. The result is incredible. During your workshop I could feel my root chakra spinning like crazy. Thank you once again for the wonderful teaching.
Martina Brooker-Smith, Reiki Healer

Activate Potentials Within