All healing is self-healing! It is the task of the 'energy healer' to help the patient with self-healing and to provide a high energetic platform to allow energetic osmosis (the flow from a stronger field to a weaker field) to happen.

The gift of 'Intuitive Energy Healing' Nic Kolbe has claimed after many years of meditation and studies, which have prepared his energetic system exceedingly well to transform large amounts of the universal healing energy, the Divine White Light.

Today, Nic's healing method has defined itself into a tangible field of Divine White Light extending from his core and creating heat and light that can be easily sensed by anybody, who is giving allowance to see or feel these things.

Nic has published The New Wisdom, which explains the advanced principles used in his healing sessions and is also a helping guideline for energy healers to become a better channel for the Divine White Light.

Most of his healing sessions include a balancing of the Chakras. He only offers distance healing sessions, offline or online via Skype.

Energy Healing

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