All healing is self-healing! It is the task of the energy healer to help the client with self-healing and to provide a high energetic platform to allow the flow from a stronger field to a weaker field to happen.

Nic's gift of intuitive energy healing has developed over many years of meditation and studies. He is able to transfer large amounts of Divine White Light to clients.

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Healing with the Divine White Light

Nic has published his book The New Wisdom, which explains advanced principles used in his healing sessions and is also a very helpful guideline for energy healers and anybody interested in becoming better channels of Divine White Light or coming closer to the Creator.

Most of these healing sessions include a balancing of the chakras.

Sessions are very effective when dealing with pain, problems with nerves and blood circulation, organ problems, cancer and most "not curable" diseases of standard medicine. With viral or bacterial infections and some other diseases, please use the chemistry prescribed by the doctor in combination with energy healing!

Chakra balancing is very useful for disease prevention and for your path to enlightenment.

1. First check with Nic about availability of appointments, e-mail

2. Pay for session, €120.—

Session usually takes 33 minutes, but can be longer.
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