Dear visitor, welcome to this site. Nic Kolbe offers fully integrated therapies and guidance for holistic health and wellbeing, which simultaneously address and harmonise on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

All sessions are unique, to meet special requirements. Each consultation is based on his intuitive connection to the Divine White Light of the Creative Source, deep knowledge and wisdom through the study of yoga, meditation, professional healing modalities and counselling.

Through intuitive insight, guidance and spiritual logic, his approach is to awaken your inner healing power and self-knowing so that healing, sustainable change and true empowerment take place.

Nic can assist you in your affirmations and how to trust your innate wisdom so that you can access your own realisations and insights, create a better connection to your Higher Self, recognise a greater truth and in the process have a happier, healthier and longer lasting life - filled with light and miracles!

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How much light can you hold?
Nic Kolbe


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